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50s Inc is a firm of litigation specialists which represents corporate/high profile clients. Our Brokers regularly appear in the every area of business that yields good profits as well as helping you manage your funds.





* Business Planning and Investments

* Business Insolvency

* Defensive Company Structuring

* Asset Protection/Management

* Commercial Law

* Insolvency Support

* Creditor Negotiation

* Personal Insolvency

* Corporate Restructure

Premiere facilities, services


You will find the latest information about our company here. You will find...

Commercial Law:

50s Inc works with good/reliable Law firms across the continents to make sure that our operations are legal.

We abide by the laws of every country we are operating in. 

Legal Team: 

Our legal departement/team is one of the best in world we also help you with any legal activities such as Businesss Transactions/Contract, Power of Attorney. We also help you investigate proposals to make you to don't find your business in faudlent projects.